Thursday, 19 December 2013

2013 Year in Review

Things have been incredibly busy this year.  Production projects have come and gone.  High Moor was released to critical and public acclaim and plans are already in place to produce Moonstruck, the second book in the High Moor series in early 2014.

One thing this year has taught me, is that perseverance pays off.

High Moor was a step up for me in terms of performance and technique, one that has certainly been recognised in the reviews left by listeners.  Learning how to speak in a County Durham accent was a challenge, one that I rose to, met, and if I do say so myself, knocked out of the park in terms of authenticity.

So, I'm certainly proud of what I have achieved this year and am hungry for the challenges and opportunities that 2014 is going to bring.

All the best for 2014